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Air Cleaner Assembly[Daeji Metal Co., Ltd.]

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Air Cleaner Assembly [Daeji Metal Co., Ltd.]



Air Induction System is a device that inducts and transports a sufficient quantity of clean air to satisfy the engine needs. It induces the air to the engine during operation, reduces the air induction booming noise and flow noise, and is composed of the Resonator, Duct, and Air Filter Element that filters the dust.

Air cleaner assembly

Item: M300
Item: New Matiz
Sale: Domestic, Europe, etc.
Engine: 0.8L/1.0 L
Export: Chevrolet Spark
Item: Matiz I/II
Sale: Domestic, Europe, etc.
Engine: 0.8L/1.0L
Export: Matiz/ Spark
Item: Tico
Sale: Domestic, Europe, etc.
Engine: 0.8L
Export: Tico

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